Reebok Movement Screens Part 2: Screens vs. Evaluations

An interview with Gray Cook
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  • Introduction 
  • Screens vs. Evaluations. 
  • Medical clearance vs. exercise “preparedness”. 
  • Putting the cart before the horse – don’t use exercise as your assessment. 
  • Evaluation – Yielding diagnosis – specific answer to a specific question 
  • Screen – General answer to general question: Does this person have the mobility and stability to do the exercises we’re going to do? 
  • Keep it simple – Pass or fail. Don’t freeze frame the movement. 
  • Paralysis of analysis. Dissecting muscles vs. screening movements - Take the big picture view. 
  • Don’t let the fleas argue over who owns the dog! 
  • Getting your feet wet – Only way to learn movement is to watch movement. 
  • Looking at the whole and working backwards to the parts. 
  • Screen movements are screen movements – not loaded exercise movements. 
  • Investing time in exercise techniques only vs. learning screens and assessments – like the difference between being a drug rep and a physician. Become a “physician” of fitness.

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