1: Man Ther. 1999 May;4(2):74-86.Click here to read Links

Is there a role for transversus abdominis in lumbo-pelvic stability?

Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia.

There has been considerable interest in the literature regarding the function of transversus abdominis, the deepest of the abdominal muscles, and the clinical approach to training this muscle. With the development of techniques for the investigation of this muscle involving the insertion of fine-wire electromyographic electrodes under the guidance of ultrasound imaging it has been possible to test the hypotheses related to its normal function and function in people with low back pain. The purpose of this review is to provide an appraisal of the current evidence for the role of transversus abdominis in spinal stability, to develop a model of how the contribution of this muscle differs from the other abdominal muscles and to interpret these findings in terms of the consequences of changes in this function.

PMID: 10509061 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]